Drawing Artists

Francis Lee Smith, Creator & Builder of the Smith Mansion

Specialty - Pen & Ink

As an Artist, Lee had a true gift.  He could design, sketch, and build anything his mind could imagine.  Not only did Lee create his home, the Smith Mansion, but other fantastic artwork as well.  He was a very talented artist, drawing his large pieces, using pen and ink.  Some refer to it as 1960's Pop Art, others refer to it as Surrealism at its finest.  All I know, Lee's drawings are intense, captivating and extremely detailed.



Angela Brock Nelson - Chicago, Illinois

Artist of Custom Portraits:

Pen & Ink, Charcoal and Pencil

"I have been doing portraiture off and on since

high school. Although I only had a chance to

meet Lee once or twice, I am really excited

about having such a captivating and intriguing

subject.....and for a cause that is close to my heart."