Wyoming PBS picked up the documentary on the Smith Mansion, A House A Life.

The air dates were - July 6th and July 8th - 2012.



Go West Productions - A House, A Life

Meet the Crew...

 (From Left to Right)

Andrea Lewis Dot Structure

Amy Pottenger

Kate Ripley

Scott Gill

Julian Shine

A House, A Life - Premiered 3/26/2012 on Indiana's PBS

I was contacted by a student from Indiana University, where she was studying in Productions. She had worked in Yellowstone for a summer or two and had seen the mansion while traveling to Cody. She had an immediate fascination with it.

Now, years later, during her senior year, she attended a class in which the students had to apply and be accepted. The class was broken up into teams. Each team had to come up with a pitch for a documentary that would be voted upon by their local PBS Broadcasting Station in Southern Indiana. The Smith Mansion was chosen. 

Made up of five students, Go West Productions was created. The team traveled to Cody over their Spring Break, March 12-18, 2011. At that time, all the filming and interviewing took place.

The premiere date was March 26, 2012.


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