The 2017 fundraising season was great! Working with the International Widow and Sons Motorcycle Association, we held a Poker Run Fundraiser on Aug 26, 2017. 

Included in the fundraiser was a silent auction, food, beverages, prizes and raffles which were donated by the Yellowstone Mule Deer Foundation. We'd also like to take the time to thank all who participated in our event. 

Especially, the Irma Hotel, Cassie's Supper Club, Wapiti Lodge, Bob Acton's -Hog Heaven, Debbie Beard's- Debbie's junctions, Iverson Sanitation, and for the fantastic volunteers. We appreciate your time, help and donations. 

And last, but not least, thank you to every participant who came to show your support for our cause. Thank you all! The Smith Mansion wouldn't be what it is without all of you! See you this summer!

   May 2013 "Dig Out"

Digging with heavy equipment started in October 2012 and was finished in May 2013 at the "Dig Out" by hand event.
This dig out was prep work for a future french drain, concrete walkway around three sides of the structure and a retaining wall made from remaining timber. We have an erosion problem around three sides of the mansion and we hope this will fix the problems.

This dig out will also allow us to gain access to timbers rotten in the walls. We can now get to them and replace with new timbers. We are also now able to add support beams under the staircases.



Photo Gallery: Preservation Photos

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February 2010-Clean Up

In February of 2010, we held a huge two day clean-up of the mansion and its surrounding property. It was a huge success and it was all completed by volunteers, donations, and a few businesses from the Bighorn Basin. The response from the public has been enormous and very positive.

Paul and I would like to personally thank each

one of you for your volunteer efforts!

Each volunteer played a huge role in this historical weekend.


It was a great start to the Smith Mansion Preservation Project!

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Articles, News, Etc.

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More info coming soon!


01/13/2015 08:10
The Smith Mansion has been recognized by many Local, Regional and National Newspapers from across the globe. We have had coverage from several major magazines, books and a variety of media outlets, including television and live broadcasting. Be sure to check out SMPP's Media/News within our menu.  Thank you!



SMPP's Event Volunteers

Alan Mills - Mills Painting & Carpentry-Cody, Wy

Andy & Cherie' Fisher - Free Flight Taxidermy-Cody, Wy

Matthew Condie - Powell, Wy

Kent & Holly Kienlen - Powell, Wy

Carla Wensky - Photographer-Powell, Wy

Casey Cary (Heavy Equipment) - KC Construction-Powell, Wy

William & Royal Bradford - Bradford Plumbing-Ralston, Wy

Maynard Brown - Powell, Wy

Kristi Mingus - Powell, Wy

Bill Meyer - (4 horse trailer) Cody, Wy

Wapiti Valley's Volunteer Fire Department - Wapiti Valley, Wy

Clay Helms~ Wapiti Valley, Wy

Jenni Baxter ~ Wapiti Valley, Wy

Pat Moore ~ Billings, Mt

G. Pedro  Kinner ~ Lake Tahoe, Nv

Calli Bradford ~ Ralston, Wy

Lyn and Karen Baisch ~ Billings, Mt

Tom Hruska ~ Demopotis, Al

Yellowstone Mule Deer Foundarion ~ Cody, Wy

Randy Kartchner ~ Cody, Wy

Keith & Kristina Norleen ~ Cody, Wy

Shandi Quintana ~ Cody, Wy

Angela Berkshire ~ Cody, Wy

Willy Dorn ~ Cody, Wy

The Village Shop ~ Cody, Wy

Russell Oconner ~ Cody, Wy

Denise Shirley ~ Wapiti, Wy

Shawna Curto ~ Cody, Wy

Gary Mills ~ Cody, Wy

Jeff Marvicsin ~ Cody, Wy

Ella Lewis ~ Cody, Wy

Mindy Sumptner ~ Cody, Wy

Lisa Debuff ~ Cody, Wy

Judson and Sam Seiver ~ Cody, Wy

Justin Holder ~ Cody, Wy

Debbie Beard ~ Cody, Wy

Bob Acton ~ Cody, Wy

Earl & Gina Edwards ~ Cody, Wy

Brandon Woods ~ Powell, Wy

Jennie Lilley ~ Cody, Wy

Rand & Marisa Green ~ Wapiti, Wy

Bob Coe ~ Wapiti Wy

Cagney Reommich ~ Powell, Wy

Gene & Kristina Kartchner ~ Cody, Wy

Laurel Swanson ~ Cody, Wy

Kathy Morris ~ Cody, Wy

Paul & Nickelle Mitchell ~ Cody, Wy

Halie Kartchner ~ Cody, Wy

Kyra McEachron ~ Billings, Mt






Many more still to be added.