Our Mission

The Smith Mansion Preservation Project is a Foundation, Dedicated to the Protection and Preservation of the Smith Mansion.

SMPP was created on October 19, 2009.

Founders:  Paul & Sunny Larsen

Founders: Paul & Sunny Larsen

Our goal is, of course, to preserve the mansion . . . preserve it from vandalism, preserve the structural integrity, preserve the artistic contribution and ultimately make it a safe environment for the public to observe and appreciate as an art form for many years to come.
The house is, and the man’s work was, the quintessential definition of art. Together they tell an American story of artistic vision and relentless dedication, as well as express an aesthetic truth, not to mention the architectural value.

Our website has received over three million hits in two and a half years, has had the attention of major newspapers, TV networks, Architectural Digest and individuals across the globe. Obviously the building evokes feelings. “So what, you say?” Would you leave a Rembrandt in the rain?    
We defend that the mansion is more than an odd and quirky curiosity. We believe the Smith Mansion adds a historical value to Wyoming; however, the building is just short of 50 years old.
We fundraise and we have contributed money from our own pocket and will continue our efforts, as meager as they may be, to preserve, maintain, and hopefully provide accessibility to future generations. Currently, we see this accessibility as free tours, on a donation basis, and potentially a creative forum for artists.