Becky Bereman Grimes - Sheridan, Wyoming

 Author & Photographer

A few words from Becky...

"I take photographs but I am not a photographer. I’m an opportunist!"


Matthew Rose - Paris, France

Matthew Rose is an American artist living and working in Paris, France. His exhibitions – large scale wall to wall displays of his collage and text works – have been seen throughout Europe and the United States.  His work has been featured in the books Cutting Edges (Gestalten, Germany); Masters: Collage (Lark, USA); and Collage (Black Dog, UK).  He is also the creator of the worldwide project, A Book About Death. Web site:

"The Smith Mansion in Wyoming seems to be one of those kinds of structures humans create in their unbridled passion to discover what we, as humans, can create.  The results are always astonishing – think Gaudi, Frank Lloyd Wright, even Frank Gehry or thousands of others – buildings that describe the human mind, human aspiration and human dignity.  The Smith Mansion is worthy of our attention and our care.  Even if we've never visited, to know it exists as a destination is to know that we can do anything, go anywhere, build anything."

Jaime Penuel - Cody Wyoming