A Short Overview

10/20/2009 18:12

Lee Smith passed away in April 1992 while working on the 2nd story roof of the mansion.  It was his life dream to create a home that would naturally fit into the country side.  The home sits in the middle of the Wapiti Valley, told to me by him. The house is built primarily by hand and most of the timbers used in its construction came off Rattle Snake Mountain. After the terrible fires in the late 1950s, it became free picking to help clean out burnt timber. Smith brought 5-6 timbers out by hand and truck load. The home in a sense has become a historical landmark for tourists, many locals and anyone who has a real interest in the home.


For 17 years, the mansion and all its contents have slowly started to rot from the elements.  Timbers need replaced, entire roof systems need to be replaced, many windows are broken due vandalism, etc.  It will take a lot of money and a lot of man power; however, I am determined to do something with this piece of artwork that my father created.  Who knows what I we'll be able to accomplish with this house. I want to be able to share the home with the public and tell people about my father's life and his accomplishments.  Maybe in the future we could give tours or maybe open a bed and breakfast. The possibilities are endless.  The house needs to be protected from the constant vandalism, safety issues need to be confronted head on and there is also major work that needs to be completed on the house.  


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