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Travel Channel, Top 10

02/25/2018 07:52
More info coming soon!


01/13/2015 08:10
The Smith Mansion has been recognized by many Local, Regional and National Newspapers from across the globe. We have had coverage from several major magazines, books and a variety of media outlets, including television and live broadcasting. Be sure to check out SMPP's Media/News within our...

Smith Mansion Preservation Project - Clean-Up

11/14/2009 16:38
 Those Who Want To Volunteer   People are coming out of the woodwork, wanting to volunteer their time in an effort to help with the Smith Mansion's Clean-up Project. As you know, time and man power will be essential in getting this part of the project completed.   Should you want...

The log home book: design, past & present-- By: Arthur Thiede, Jonathan Stoke

10/27/2009 12:05

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10/21/2009 21:07
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Current News

10/21/2009 14:43
We are currently in a massive clean-up phase.  We are in the process of removing all the junk vehicles, trash, and many other items that need to be cleaned off or removed from the property.  Not only does this take a lot of man power, but also time.  Should you want to take part in...

A Short Overview

10/20/2009 18:12
Lee Smith passed away in April 1992 while working on the 2nd story roof of the mansion.  It was his life dream to create a home that would naturally fit into the country side.  The home sits in the middle of the Wapiti Valley, told to me by him. The house is built primarily by hand...

What's New With the Smith Mansion

10/16/2009 19:32
Our new blog has been launched today.  Thank you for checking out this page.   What do you think of our new site?      
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